Who are you?


I'm not the pornstar or songwriter, why do I call myself twotonemalone you ask? Because I melanoma and my skin is two different tones. Stop feeling pity for me as I no longer wear that sleeve. The sleeve I'm wearing now is more sic.





Being in a picture with me will

get you more followers then your little sister.




I have a magnet inside my rectum to attract those hens for you



ask you mum and you dad they seen it


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I was  a poor homless loser untill I used Twotone Malones services, he fucked my mum and dad untill their eyes popped out and made me watch while I was live on Insta. Now the whole worlds knows who I am and will forever never be alone in this world. THANK YOU  TWOTONE!

Twotone Malone
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Fugma D.